One-On-One Tutoring

Get the keys to academic success today! Regardless of academic level or grade, your child will progress quickly through the personalized instruction of one of our English or math tutors. Give your child the academic advantage!

English & Math tutoring with specialized and university educated tutors

Our English language tutoring is conducted by tutors whose mother tongue is English, who can also communicate in Swedish as needed.

Female tutor working with male student - PerfectEnglish - Stockholm, Sweden

What We Offer

Our tutors work with all grade levels, from pre-school through the “gymnasium” years.

In addition to improving English proficiency and mathematic skills, we offer sessions which prepare students for major mid-term tests, final exams and national testing (Swe: nationella prov). Our tutors are exceptional at teaching both the English language and the mathematics required to succeed in school and beyond.

Your complete satisfaction and the achievement of your goals are our highest priority.

Female tutor working with female student - PerfectEnglish - Stockholm, Sweden

Our Proven Method

We use a successful three-step system.

This process is monitored by a supervisor from start to finish.

Results matter!

Whether addressing a specific problem area, or helping a student gain the competitive edge, our tutors are experts at achieving results.

We tailor our lessons to suit your needs.

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